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Update 16•03•11

I know, I know, I’m still on Hiatus, but I thought I would try to snatch some unsuspecting victims great ppl who still read this dead blog to be directed to mai story “The World As We Know It…” at http://www.textnovel.com/story_detail.php?story_id=5396
Also, I decided that when I post stories, it will only show the title and then cut the rest off, caz; I don’t think readers get pissed off at that kinda thing (I know I do!)
So, happy (almost) Spring!~ ♥

Music of the week:
•Complication [Rookiez is PUNK’D]•
(Yes, from Durarara!! XD)

Thing I’m addicted to:
•Coke Balls•


Update 01•01•11

Hooray! It’s the New Year! Just thought I would AT LEAST post that much even though this blog is now officially on Hiatus.
That Review on HnKnA & TMGS 1? Uhh.. Well, let’s just say I’ll do it when I’m not lazy OTL

Music of the week:
•Melt 2MM Mix Rap [Ill.Bell version]•

Thing I’m addicted to:
•TokiDoki Makeup•
(Though I don’t use Makeup… IT’S CUTE ALRIGHT?!)


Update 23•11•10

I just recently downloaded Heart no kuni no Alice, and Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1 :D
Great, wonderful ppl that patched TMGS 1 that I managed to find on a forum and maybe they will even do TMGS 2! Yay~
I’ll try to write a review and maybe a guide for liek my fav char (?)
Well, hopefully XD

Music of the week:
•Sayonara Memories•

Thing I’m addicted to:
•Bubble Tea•


– Alice