This is where I’ll post the stories that I Randomly write!

I only continue writing when I’m bored, which could be tomorrow or every few months…  So don’t be expecting updates real soon lol. Oh, and my pen name on TextNovel is ASTERISK  :D
The World As We Know It…

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

[ Prologue ] Whisked Away!    [X]
[Chapter 1]  First Class! I think…?    [X]
[Chapter 2] What’s Next? Royalty?    [X]
[Chapter 3] The Princess and The Knight    [X]
[Chapter 4] Kicking off at Square-One    [X]
[Chapter 5]  Transssffffooorrm!~    [X]
[Chapter 6] Coming Soon
To be Continued…

The World As We Know It… By:  ASTERISK

000 [Prologue] Reality [X]
001 [Prologue] Worldly Affairs [X]

002 [Foxtrotting Along] Romanian Afterall [X]
003 [Foxtrotting Along] Witch of the East Coast [X]
004 [Foxtrotting Along] Welcome to Great Britain! [X]
005 [Foxtrotting Along] Meet The Foxtrots [X]
006 [Foxtrotting Along] The Witch Hunt [X]

To Be Continued…