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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 5

“Ughhh-” Runea lifted her head to see she was in a very familiar room. Where her starting point was located . Filled with potions (At least they LOOK like potions), bandages, elixirs, needles and every other sort of item that is commonplace in a infirmary, Well, In Grail anyways, was stacked and piled messily upon one another.

“Ah..? AH! I’m in the infirmary!” Runea shouted as if finally solving that really complicated math question using many different theories and formulas.
“For Dragoon’s sake! Would you stop screaming every single moment of the day!” A also very familiar teacher wearing a dark cape and withch’s hat shouted. “I already have enough of your bellowing each morning! Can’t you for once keep quiet and just learn to behave like a refined student! Seriously, I have no idea why in Heaven’s name you were accepted into this profound academy…bla bla bla” Mrs.Candell rambled on and on.
“ahh…” Runea twitched ” M-Mrs.Candell… How very unexpected to see you… ahaha-ha-……”
Mrs.Candell was obviously not enjoying this unexpected visit either.
“er…W-why am I here?”
“Obviously because you collapsed in class today right after your introduction! And apparently you were crying too!”
“EH?! Really?! I fainted?!”
“Yes! Now stop making me repeat myself! Or are you perhaps deaf?! That would explain your tendency to holler at a moments notice!”
“u-uh…No..I’m not deaf…”
“Hmmph, I was evidently joking. Why can’t youngsters these days have a good sense of humour? Especially those who are in the Specials Class such as you! Kids these days are so rude! Absolutely no respect for the elders whatsoever! And to think we have to guide these ingrates to being a proper citizen! We have much more experience than what you have gone through so far, listening to us elderly would do you guys a world of good! I bet-” Mrs.Candell was going all out again…
“…..Anyways, why did I pass out?” There was a sudden halt at Mrs.Candell’s yammering as she asked this.
“。。。。。。。。。。。。” The silent treatment..
“u-uh… Mrs.Candell? What’s the matter? W-why are you so quiet?” Runea asked, disturbed by her sudden humble-ness.
“………………..” She looked away from Runea’s eyes “…The principal of this academy wishes to speak to you.” And with that the teacher gave a 180 degree turn, her back facing away from Runea “………… Just what in Lucypher’s name have we gotten ourselves into this time…” She muttered under her breathe. And with that she exited the infirmary.
“???” a question mark bubble appeared on Runea’s head “What was that all about?

Runea got off the bed with a eagerness to quickly leave the hard, chunck of block that the Academy calls a bed.
“Well…I guess I’ll go see the principal I still haven’t thanked her for taking me into this school.”
As she approached the principal’s hallway, it was visibly MUCH bigger and WAY more fancy than the room she was assigned. “……………Uh?” She reached her destination but just stood in front of the doorway like that wooden block of a bed. And very suddenly she got struck by the jitter bug.
“W-wait, in the first place, w-why did I get sent to the principal’s office? Did I do something wrong? And if I did… What if they kick me out? N-no way! I don’t have anywhere else to go?” Brain explosion
“hah…” She let out a sigh “Well, just standing here won’t get me any answers, so I’ll just go in…” Runea slightly, without effort raised her hand and pushed open the gateway that let out a shimmer of light.
To Runea’s amazement, it wasn’t ‘light’ that gave out that magnificient glow.

Millions of tiny butterflies that looked like light itself flew out of the doorway and fluttered in every corner of her eye, blocking out her vision, but when the butterflies dispersed, an even bigger amazement was held before her…

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 4

Kicking off at Square-One!

”Today class! We will be having a PROPER introduction!~” Mr.Dera smiled sweetly. He would have looked like a PROPER teacher, teaching a PROPER class if he wasn’t holding onto a Halberd 300X v.6…With blood dripping on its tip… and a class that was acting like PROPER students instead of the cavemen they were yesterday.

“uhhhh, w-ell. My name is Runea Kaito and that’s pretty much it…I mentioned it yesterday too…So, uh, yeaaa…” Runea looked around sweating like a hog.

“…Oh, that’s right…I forgot about your situation and that you don’t know common things such as these…” Mr.Dera muttered under his breath

“Hm?” Runea cocked her head to the side

“Well, the introduction does include the name, but I also meant your element and then the picking of your familiar!”

“Huh? element? Familiar? Whazzat?”

“….Don’t know that either? Guess I’ll hafta explain.”  Mr.Dera finally put down the Halberd 300X v.6 “Well, elements are as they sound… Elements of nature! Such as, Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Time, Ice and so on and so forth.

A perfect example would be Asthea, she has the element of Light, thus allowing her to teleport and heal. Then theres Robert, he possess the power of Wind. I, myself am keeping mine a secret~” He acted cutesy.

“WOW Mr.Dera! You’re so knowledgable!” Runea’s eyes were sparkling.

“Of course! After all I am the teacher! AHAHAHAH!” Mr.Dera laughed out triumphantly

Everybody refrained from saying anything inexcusable as they reminded themselves of the bloody weapon that lay in arms reach of Mr. Dera.

Well, except for…

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 3
The Princess and The Knight.

*Huff, huff, puff*

As the little girl ran as hard as her little legs would let her go through the thicket of growth , both the predator and prey both knew that undeniably she would be caught.

The Forest of Eternia had a cool wind that rustled the leaves of the trees that seemed to peak over the sky.

With no avail the little girl tripped over a branch of dead decay, but even after recovering her stance quickly…. The end was near… With a blade held over her head, it seemed as if it was death itself. It’s eyes were as wide as a wolf about to maul a poor innocent raccoon. An arm raised, the swift blow was about to make contact when …..?

“mmpph!!!” Runea barely managed to cover her mouth, using but a pillow. ” Wh..What on earth was up with that nightmare?… There was even someone narrating!” She peered out the crack that was supposedly a window. “Still not morning, better go back to sleep.” Runea quickly blew off the dream as if it was a puff of smoke.

But little did she know, it was a premonition of what was to come…

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 2
What’s Next? Royalty?

All through the night, Runea thought about her day. Everything was just too much…”Dragons? Summoners? Magic? Students allowed to ditch class? Like, what’s up with that? And more importantly,what was with all the rude people here yesterday?!” She snapped.

(…Thats whats more important to you?)

”AH! This is just waaay too much!!!” She rubbed her brain, “I think I popped a fuse. Nevermind, I’ll just sleep for now.” Runea fell into a deep sleep, and started snoring after saying that…Dear Readers, I bet none of you could possibly sleep after a day like that….

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 1
First Class! I think…?


“ugh.” Runea got up. “……eh?” She looked around the room, her eyes wide and mouth hung in shock, “WHAT THE HELL?!” She screeched.

Suddenly the teachers and some students rushed in, “What in the name of Grail happened, dear child!?” The teacher practically shouted.

“Huh?” Runea said, suddenly remebering everything about yesterday.”It wasn’t  a dream?”  She frantically thought, putting her memories togther.  ”Oh…! Err, sorry.. but I, uhh..Forgot that, ummm there was a bell! Yeah that’s right! The bell, it was just reaallly loud. That’s all, ahahaha-h-….” She stopped. All the children and even the teacher herself, was glaring at her.

“Sorry.”She said apologetically. That was all she muttered and everyone left. She slapped herself in the face “Why did I have to give that loud-ass scream?!” She shouted at herself *sigh* “Well anyways… Since I’m now a student here….I should have a uniform like everyone else right?” She thought to herself and started looking through the drawers, “Ah! Here it is!” She held it up high “Uh…” She froze. “This is…A…little akward for a uniform….” She froze for awhile, “Whatever! k! Gotta get ready and make a good impression in class today!”  She gave a war cry, brimming with determination. She headed towards the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth and grabbed any piece of cloth she could find to wipe her face.

“Uhhhhh, How do I even wear this thing?”She said when she held it up again. “….Maybe…. I’ll just wear it as best as I can, and…uh, then ask the teacher later on.” She decided on that, and wore the skirt, button-up shirt, a reddish-white open, long, cloak thing, a lot of click-on belts that “hopefully” go on her waist, pulled up the knee-high socks and wore the leather brown fringed boots. “even the boots looked weird.” She thought and ran out the door.

After wandering around for awhile, she decided to ask someone for directions. She saw a girl with a tied-up ponytail and orange hair talking to someone by what seems to be a locker,

“Guess she will do.” She thought. “Errr, excuse me!” She cried.

“hn?” The girl glanced at her, gave her a disgusted, yet very conceited look and simply walked away, “Hmmph.”

“Eh?” Runea thought. She looked around and she saw people whispering, “Umm! excuse me, do you know where class, umm” She thought hard about what Mrs.Candell said the day before. “Uhh, class-…Special…?” She asked thinking again “Special?” She wondered. “Hmm, I shoulda asked yesterday why they called it that. Ah well! I was too tired anyways!”

The students just looked at each other and ran off with a kind of scared face.

Runea was kinda shocked….”Why won’t anyone answer me? Usually I don’t have any problem fitting in at school…” She looked around, “Well, I guess this isn’t really a NORMAL school.”  And she was right, Dear reader, because in this particular SCHOOL, glass chandeliers hung on the ceiling every few steps, really expensive vases on top of Ionic styled cases stood proudly on the red-rolled out carpet and even the wooden staircase was intricately decorated. She walked slowly, looking around and admiring the place. “Well, this place is really nice when you stop to look around.” She thought to herself.

“oof!” She bumped into someone and fell down. “Oh sorry….”She said, rubbing her bottom, she looked up and saw a black haired guy, with a giant scar and a lot of bandages across his face, even his uniform wasn’t like the normal ones that everyone else wore. Even though the cloak was the same style as hers… his was pure black and the glare he shot her, sent shivers through her spine.

“Watch where you’re going!” He snorted rudely and walked away, without even looking back or even asking if she was alright. “And what’re you looking at?!” He yelled at the students that were curiously staring at him. They immediately turned away.

“Uhh!” she thought “I can’t belive I bumped into someone on my first day….I’m such a klutz!  But seriously, does he have to be so, so….rude!” Runea stared at him as he walked down the hall. All the students seemed to turn away when he walked passed them, “And wow…everyone seems so…so scared of him….” She twitched as she looked around, “But…Isn’t that sort of lonely?….”

DONG!~ DONG!~ The second bell rang.

“eek!” Shw thought “NOOOO I’M LATE!” She dashed through the halls as quickly as she could looking up at every class sign to see if the words class “Special” was on it. “I shouldn’t have took so much time looking at the place! Now everyone will think I’m “tardy”!” Finally she reached her destination, while huffing and puffing she took a deep breath and opened the door….

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Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Whisked Away!

”Look into your Heart dear,

What do you see?”

“But Grandma I don’t see anything…”

“Look harder and deeper.”

“I see… a- a knight wearing  armour, glistening in the sun, a long, tipped sword, and he’s saying something that I can’t quite understand…But… I can tell…his voice is full of pride…”

“Good, and what else do you see?”

”A beautiful princess…in…in a magnificent white glistening gown, she seems so bright, it’s like she’s actually glittering…Almost like magic…Theres something weird about the crown though…Oh, and a dragon! Pure black, tall and beastly, like from a fairy-tale,  yet, somehow i-it just doesn’t seem-,NO! The dragon has  the princess in its claws! It’s about to blow flames out at the Knight…..And behind him is a…..A…a…a little girl….?” She abruptly stopped.

“Perfect! That shall be where our story begins….”

Suddenly a bright light fills the room, but nothing happened? Oh! I was mistaken… everything for the little girl, and what happened to her exactly? Nothing, except she disappeared leaving nothing in her place but a dragon figurine…

”u-ugh….” The little girl finally opened her eyes “HUH?! Where am I? I-I w-was just in the li-living room with Grandma a second ago!”

She looked around and everywhere was endless plains of grass…But in the distance there was a Gigantic castle made out of stone, as tall and proud just like the Knight that she had imagined. Dragons and other mystical creatures soaring above her with children of all ages riding atop of them, but what was most magnificent of all, was an academy that was right up in front of her.

It rose to the sky, shimmering and glistening, the tall gates, made out of pure iron, gave off an aura of protection and security to whoever lie beyond the walls… Flags of maroon red, snow white and a ultramarine blue towered at the peak of the castle tops, and obviously, dear reader, she did not know that it was an Academy, anymore than she knew that it was an Academy for Dragon Knights, Dragon Summoners, Dragon Rulers, Dragon Specialists, Sorcerers, Elementalists, and…Draconics.

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