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I was really excited when hearing that the popular Vocaloid song, Black Rock Shooter, the collaboration with huke and Supercell was to made into an anime. Thinking that it would be filled with action scenes and revolve around BRS. However contrary to my expectations I was completely surprised by how wrong I was.
Although the opening was introduced with an amazingly artistic fighting sequence starring yours truly, BRS along with Black Gold Saw, the plot quickly turned around to my “what the fuckery” and mainly focused on Mato Kuroi making a new friend, Yomi Takanashi, at her new jr. high school. Seems very slice of life, yah? Well, it did to me.

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Ok, so I know I haven’t done any reviews on this blog yet, so obviously this is the first one. Also, since it is the FIRST one I’m pretty sure helluva sure that it will suck or at least not be pro OTL  So plz deal with it kay?
Now then, time to start the Zaregoto Series Review!

Zaregoto Book 1: The Kubikiri Cycle

At first I randomly picked this up at the library (yes, the library) for the heck of it since it’s the same author, NisiOisiN, that wrote Bakemonogatari.  So,  I decided to give it a read.

The narrator of the story is a dude under the nickname “Ii-kun”, and just like Kyon from Haruhi, we never hear his real name. However it is himself that doesn’t give his name away saying he is only a bystander or side character that has no value. Seems kinda modest right? Well, for now he does sorta give that impression. Now, his train of thought is very sarcastic and in most cases, quite amusing. Then theres the other main character, Kunagisa Tomo, she is your average Happy-go-lucky girl that always pounces on Ii-kun saying she loves him.  Just like Ii-kun, these two are like the ever so common stereotype characters that we can find in every other anime.

Now, the twist! Kunagisa is actually a genius hacker and these two hide some sort of dark past that aren’t yet revealed in Book 1. Also, later on in the book, Ii-kun’s personality starts to reveal itself as a very pessimistic and philosophical nature, unlike other stereotype characters. These characters are well developed and have unique traits that make it interesting, but don’t knock out the side characters! One of my favorite factors in this book were definitely the side characters that can be easily attached to. Like the genius scholar, Akane Sonoyama, the genius cook, Yayoi Sashirono,  the genius fortune-teller, Maki Himena, the genius painter, Kanami Ibuki, the caretaker of Ibuki and the only other non-genius, Shinya Sakaki, the head maid, Rei Handa and the three maid triplets with very contrasting personalities, Akari Chiga, Hikari Chiga, and Teruko Chiga. Not to mention the mistress of the island, Iria Akagami.

Now then, did you see how I mentioned the word “genius” a lot? Well, that has every little to do with the plot. Akagami Iria is the owner of Wet Crow’s Feather Island, and to satisfy her boredom, she invites geniuses to her island, gives them free lodging in her mansion, provides food and other necessities, and even pays them. Sweet deal. On the other hand, Ii-kun is no genius and is only accompanying Kunagisa to help her out with her disorder.  However, a string of murders begin with the famous painter, Ibuki, and a very gruesome one at that. Her head is chopped off, pretty thought huh? Despite this, the Lady of the land (Iria) doesn’t want to call the police! GASP. and thus decides to instead lock up the only one without an alibi, Akane, into a storage room, thus creating a deadlock to suspend the killer into advancing with the slaughter . However the killings continue and Akane is the next victim. and still no police. DOUBLE GASP. Although it seems that the non-genius, Ii-kun, is quite useless in this case, in fact, he is the one that manages to solve the case just in time to return home without meeting the genius of geniuses, Jun Aikawa. Not that they partically wanted to anyways. Though in the end she did appear and in quite a showy fashion if I do say so myself.

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Yay!~ Heres a tutorial on how to sign up for Nico Nico Douga since most are already outdated.  This is dedicated to all u ppl out there that don’t know how to register :D

Step 1: First go here:

Then click the Login button

After, click the big red button that I labelled Register.

Step 2: Click General Membership
Since it’s free :)

Step 3: Type in your e-mail, it HAS to be an actual
e-mail address since you will need to confirm later on

Step 4: Fill out the form…Obviously.

Step 5: Go to your e-mail and click the link to confirm your account, Just to let you guys know, you need to activate your account within 24 hours.

Enjoy watching Nico Nico Videos! 8D


First thing up is -Drum rolls- Host Club Smiley*2 CD! >.<
Heres da Official website
(Just click the door)

Anyways, if you guys are familiar with Vocaloids & Nico Nico Douga singers, Then I’m sure you’ll die of excitement!

It’s a CD released with some famous Nico singers; Clear, Dotachin, Dasoku, Mucchi, Faneru, ASK, Gero and Kogeinu!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a CD if it didn’t have any songs on it. BUT, it also has some lines that they say to you!

I half died of a nose bleed when I saw this XD, and so since I also want to spread the fan girl-ism……


Update 16•03•11


I know, I know, I'm still on Hiatus,
but I thought I would try to snatch some unsuspecting victims great ppl who still read this dead blog to be directed to mai story

The World As We Know It...

Also, I decided that when I post stories, it will only show the title # and then cut the rest off, caz I think readers get pissed off @ HUGMONGOUSLYGIGANTICLARGETESTICLES Titles (I know I do!)

So, happy (almost) Spring!~ ♥

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