ARC 01: [Foxtrotting Along]
006 The Witch Hunt

Just as Ciel was about to reach for the door, Ron intercepted and teleported by the gateway. Raising both arms to block her path.
“Tch, what do you want?” Ciel looked at him impatiently.
“What do you mean ‘What do I want?'” Ron frowned, “Obviously I want you to not leave!~” He stomped the ground furiously with the temper of a 6 year old.
Ciel could feel her veins popping. “If you don’t let me out right this instant I’ll-”
“Okay! Okay!” His arms drooped to the side.

Huh? Wasn’t expecting this stupid mutt to give up so easily…

“S-stupid mutt?!” Everyone gasped at the exact same moment.
“T-to call Sir Ronaldo a-a…” Lao seemed to be overcome with shock.
“This useless, good-for-nothing doesn’t seem to know her place!” Marie glared and gritted her teeth.

Ciel didn’t seem to care much and was yet again on her way out when…
“But, ya know~” Ron twiddled with his thumbs. ” Too bad you’ll never know about that lady with the white hair~”
Ciel stopped in her tracks.
Her veins burst.

In an instant, Ciel had his collar in her grasp. Practically choking him, he propped him up against a wall.
And in another instant, weapons of various sizes were pointed in her direction. This all happened within the span of a few seconds.
“C-calm down now, Ciel. H-hard to b-breathe-”

Marie, the ‘Princess’ was the first to attempt to be Ron’s ‘Knight in Shining Armour’. Coming from Ciel’s rear, she appeared out of nowhere and let out a fierce punch.
Ciel simply craned her neck to the side and the hasty attack was easily dodged. In a flash Ciel tripped her as if it was the most natural thing to do. But, she wasn’t letting the ‘Princess’ off so easily. As Marie was about to make contact with the floor, Ciel gave an uppercut to the gut with her free hand and sent the tiny body flying through the sky. She landed with a thud.

“H-How dare you…” Marie glared at her with the look of someone ready to kill.
The others had guns pointed up at her. Except Lao had a long sword in his hand, while Cronde was wielding a giant chainsaw. Sort of like something from a horror movie.
Sam pointed a 9.00mm submachine gun at her and said in a grim voice unlike the carefree voice from earlier, “Release Sir Ronaldo this instant or we will forcefully make you release him.”
Joey aimed a IOF .32 revolver at her direction and spoke, his voice as serious as ever, “I believe it would be wise to unhand him unless you have a death wish.”
“Hmph.” Ciel snorted, “I’m not afraid of death. If I was afraid I would have died long ago. Go ahead. Shoot.” Her voice held no emotion whatsoever.

Ron used that chance and teleported away from Ciel, gasping for breath. “God, that was scaaaaa-ry!” He let out a sigh of relief trying to ease the tension.
Though Ciel didn’t seem like she was ready to let the tension ease up just yet. It didn’t seem like the other Foxtrots were agreeing with the situation either.
“Come on guys~ Calm down! It’s all good, caz’ after all, my plan worked! Ciel is still here~” Ron continued on in vain to relax everybody. “And anyways! Don’t you dare shoot holes in the wall! This building was expensive ya know!~”
He snapped his fingers and their guns suddenly disappeared from their grip. Ron smiled looking satisfied. Though the rest didn’t seem so happy, it still looked like they weren’t going to back down.

This time, it was Sam who was up to bat.
He ran at full speed.
Which was fast.
Really fast.
In less than a millisecond he was up to Ciel’s face and threw another punch at her. Her reflexes were as sharp as the last attempt. She blocked with her right and spin-kicked him in the ribcage. Sam stumbled back and balanced himself. Letting out a roar, he tried kicking her this time. But much too late. Ciel was already in motion. Before he could even lift his leg, all he saw was the white ceiling above, before he slammed against the floor at full force.
She flipped him.
By pushing his stomach and kicking his shin at the same time. Following through with a windmill like motion using her hand to thrust his face to the ground. A prize worthy demonstration that only a pro could manage.
This ‘Innocent Science Teacher’ seemed much stronger than what she made herself out to be.
Ron smirked. Looking much, much more satisfied. You could now easily spot his fangs stick out of his mouth.

“Come on you guys~ Just stop already!~” He repeated with his cute tone. Although his face still had a menacing grin stretched out on his face.
The rest didn’t seem to notice. They just stood, rooted to their spots, staring icily at Ciel.

“……………………” Ron suddenly grew dark, a frown appeared. “I thought I commanded you all to stop. I don’t like repeating myself.” He announced in a cold voice. He tilted his head upwards and gazed at them, as if he was looking down at them.

Everyone suddenly flinched and teleported to their seats. They all looked like they still wanted to continue their little brawl. However, they sat at their chairs, and didn’t mention another word.

Ciel ignored it all and stomped furiously at a quickening pace towards Ron. He reverted back to normal. Ron stepped back, looking a bit scared.
Ciel just stared at him, her arms crossed.
“y-yea?~” Cold sweat started pouring from his face.
“ARE YOU IN LEAGUE WITH THAT FRICKING PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER?!” Her rage could not be contained no longer and once again, took him by the collar like a bully trying to extort lunch money.
“W-What?! Of course not! We’re tryin’ ta kill her too!” Ron puffed up his chest trying his best to look dignified in that sort of situation.
“YOU COVERED IT UP DIDN’T YOU?!” Ciel seemed to not listen. “Yes, it would definitely be possible with all these important figure heads! It’s definitely a plausible explanation! EVERYONE was reported as ‘missing’! ADRIENNE, CHRIS, HENRI, MY CLASSMATES! EVEN THE TEACHERS! ALL 1500 STUDENTS! BUT I SAW THEM DIE WITH MY VERY OWN EYES! YOU’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER WITH THAT BITCH!!! I’LL FUCKIN-”
“Like I was saying before! We’re not together with her!” Ron coughed violently and again managed to teleport away from her grip.
“I was just about to explain before you suddenly went all gung-ho on us~”
“Well then… EXPLAIN.” She glared so hard, Ron could feel a laser drill through his skull.
“Ah, Well… You see, we’re on a little ‘Witch hunt’. The nice lady that killed all your school mates, The Witch of the East Coast, is on a mission to exterminate us.” He took a deep breathe and abruptly grew grave. “When I say ‘us’, I mean The Foxtrots. There have already been several reports of casualties within these past few days.” Ron sighed deeply and looked off to the side.
“Cronde. Continue the report.”
“Y-yes Sir Ronaldo.” Cronde cleared his throat and began.

“Up to date, there have been 15 reported deaths relating to this incident. The supposed ‘Fox Hunt’ was instigated by ‘The Witch of the East Coast’ for unknown reasons.
In turn, to retaliate for this and prevent further damage, we, The Council, have decided to take action, and began the mission,’The Witch Hunt’.”

Oh, so that normal-looking, background character does have a purpose!
A secretary.

Cronde cleared his throat looking as though Ciel’s words had no impact on him, though it was obvious that his face was forced. “Our objective is to eliminate the threat presented before us as swiftly and efficiently as possible.”

Without warning, everyone suddenly spoke out with serious tones.
“We need your co-operation.” Lao fixed his gaze into Ciel’s eyes.
“Although I HATE you, it’s true that we need your….your help.” Marie scowled at the floor.
Cade spoke earnestly, “We need to stop this before any more of our comrades die.”
“I would seriously appreciate it if you helped out with this major nuisance! It’s sooo bothersome!” Sam placed his hands on the back of his head. “…..Having to see everyone die like that…” He grimaced looking at nothing in particular.
“We, as The Council have a responsibility to protect and oversee the other Foxtrots. We cannot overcome this adversary by ourselves.” Joey whipped off his sunglasses, revealing his mature face. It seemed much too old than what a normal thirty year old should seem. Lined with wrinkles and a story that would never be told.

Ron didn’t teleport, but walked up to Ciel slowly.

With pride, yet sincerity,
Only a single word came out from his mouth.


006 End