ARC 01: [Foxtrotting Along]
005 Meet the Foxtrots

“…………….” Ciel stared at Ron dumbfoundedly, “Britain…?”
“Yep~” Ron nodded his head vigourisly.
Silence engulfed the giant manor in an instant,
and shattered within another.

[Few Minutes Later]
After Ciel was yet again composed, Ron led her into what looked like an enormous conference room. A wooden desk attached to the ground, spanned practically three quarters of the space. The other one fourth was taken up by antique thrones that looked like something a king would sit in. But not just one. With an especially grand throne on either ends and 3 less spectacular, but still magnificient all the same, thrones sat on the sides. Which totaled to 8 all together.

With a swift motion downwards, a golden dinner bell adorned with a silk red ribbon, magically appeared within Ron’s left hand as he swept it down.
With another swift motion upwards, a jingling sound echoed. Although it was no larger than a book,
It rang out like a church bell.
Vivid, yet elegant.

Without a second even passing, six people unexpectedly arrived. On the very same chairs that Ciel was just looking at.
All were filled except the 2 largest thrones on either end of the table.
Tooken aback, she stepped backwards, “Wha-?”
“Let me introduce you!~” Ron grinned.
He simply took a step, but instead he somehow landed right beside one of those people. The one closest to the grandest looking throne. Which also was the furthest one away.
5 meters away to be exact.

“This is Marie Foxtrot!” Ron made an introduction like motion with his hands.
“She’s a German Princess of a remote village on the verge of collapse!”
“E-excuse me Sir Ronaldo?! Himmel Draufg�nger is doing just fine!” Marie replied looking offended.
“Yes, yes~ Poverty is just swell after all~”

SIR Ronaldo?! Eh!?

Marie Foxtrot did indeed look like a Princess, right from a fairytale book.
She had muted blonde hair tied up into a bun, which was singed black on the ends of her bangs, and golden eyes that practically spelt out the definition of ‘cold’. She wore an elegant and petite dress just below knee height. A light blue that would almost make her look like an angel, if only she wasn’t frowning and giving Ciel a chilling glare.

“Next is Lao Foxtrot~” Ron yet again ‘teleported’ beside another person, just opposite Marie.
“Lao is a Chinese Prince between the border of two neighbouring provinces on the brink of war. He is currently using all his power to stop it before it gets out of hand~”
“Thank you for the kind words Sir Ronaldo.” Lao bowed with his eyes closed, showing utmost respect.

What kind words?!
Ciel stared at Lao with utmost disbelief.

Lao looked comepletely Chinese, as for whether he looked like a Prince could be debatable. Coal black hair that seemed to sparkle, it was braided at the back. It reached up to his stomach, which was even longer than Ciel’s hair. But his pure black eyes, that seemed to suck you in, were bigger than most asians. He wore a traditional Chinese, long silk robe that was embedded with the colours red and gold. He looked in Ciel’s direction and smiled.

“Samuel Foxtrot is the Colonel of the Special American Taskforce, TRAP. Apparently, none have yet to beat him!~”
“Haha, Sir Ronaldo, how many times have I told you to just call me Sam?” Sam laughed and punched his left arm jokingly.
“Oww~ But you never call me Ron~” Ron rubbed his arm.
Sam totally DID NOT look anything remotely close to being a Colonel. Well, other then the fact that he was wearing an army uniform. It was a dark green, and lined with buttons and emblems, he wore it unbuttoned with a white t-shirt underneath. A small metal chain with a name tag hung around his long slender neck.
What he wore just made him look like some army wannabe , instead of a high ranking officer in a Special Taskforce.
He was tiny. Not small like in terms of Marie, but rather, he was scrawny. You could practically see his bones sticking out. It looked like he was anorexic or at least had an eating disorder. Absolutely no muscle whatsoever, he looked like he couldn’t even lift a 5 IB weight. Though, for some odd reason, he was quite tall.
He had bright blonde hair that made him look even less like a Colonel and more like some teenage brat.

………….No comment.

“Fourth one up is Adelaide Foxtrot! He’s the head of the leading mafia gang within Italy!~ Falco cala, I believe it was called?”
“Nice to see you again Sir Ronaldo, and that’s exactly what it’s called! I’m honoured that you remembered.” Adelaide smiled. “Though I would rather you just call me Cade.”
From top to bottom, he was wearing a stylish, white tuxedo and matching pants that looked pretty expensive. Underneath was a black collar shirt and bright red tie that made his blazer stand out. On top of his light brownish-orange hair lay a fedora that was also white in colour.
He glanced at Ciel and smiled, closing his orange eyes.
He looked like he couldn’t even stand to harm a fly, let alone be the gang leader of some mafia group.

Isn’t Adelaide a female name…?

“Ahhh well, it technically is… But, I’m a guy as you can see.” Cade’s expression looked pained.

Ron yet again appeared beside another ‘Foxtrot’
“Ah…Um this is….” He looked at him like he never even saw this guy before.
“Oh right…This is Cronde Foxtrot.” Ron nonchalantly waved his hand like shooing away a fly.

Looks like he’s getting bored…

“Hmmm that’s pretty much it~”
“S-Sir Ronaldo…Why’s my introduction so short…?” Cronde slouched his shoulders sluggishly, “It can’t be you actually are getting bored…”

Finally! A normal person!

“Oh yeah!~ Did I mention he serves as UK’s private government advisor?”

or not.

Cronde looked like one of those background characters you always see in movies. Just another extra, crossing the street, or a vendor selling pop. Something along those lines.
He wore a plain, red t-shirt and jeans that didn’t quite fit, but wasn’t loose either.
A normal, average looking high school student. Cronde even had a plain hair colour, brown. Nothing extravagant whatsoever except for his name.

Ron teleported beside a buff, macho guy wearing a black tuxedo. It was buttoned up all the way and had no extra ornamemts. His jet black hair was gel’d up and sleek. A pair of shades rested on his nose, covering his eyes. He looked like a completely serious guy that practically contradicted Ron’s laid back demeanor.

“And last but not least!” Ron flung out both his hands as if he were a scammer advertising a new product, “Joey Foxtrot! He’s an FBI agent! Isn’t that cool?!” Ron’s eyes sparkled.

“What?! How come you introduced Joey so extravagantly?! Why am I the only one who gets introduced so plainly… I know I’m not the most exciting person ever, but that’s just mean…” Cronde objected in protest with tears in his eyes.
“Calm down now Cronde, Sir Ronaldo just….got a bit…er, you know, tired.” Joey acted as if he were a teacher trying to solve a misunderstanding.
“Hey! It’s not my fault I can’t remember plain people!~”
“Geh!” It looked as though Cronde had been shot, and slumped back into seat.

Wow….For once in my life, I honestly, truly pity someone with my entire heart.
Seriously, that was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen…

Cronde slunk further into his chair and lay his head down on the table.
“Everybody’s so cruel…Maybe I shouldn’t even exist…Yeah, that sounds right. I should just disappear, not like anyone will notice me anyways…” He was mumbling as if he had given up on life.

“Anyyyyways!~ These are the Foxtrots!” Ron boldly smiled.
“Ummm, why do you all have the same last name?” Ciel raised an eyebrow,
“Are you guys related or something…? None of you look anything alike though…”
“What? She doesn’t even know that? How useless.” Marie scorned.
“Psh nooo~ People with special abilities are given the title of ‘Foxtrot’. Being able to read minds or teleporting are just a few examples! And these abilities, just kinda ‘help’ them get high positions~” Ron pointed up his finger like he were teaching a two year old, the alphabet.

….Being able to read minds OR teleporting? But Ron can-

“Well, dats caz’ I’m specialer than special!~”
Ciel already got used to being interupted during the middle of her thoughts.
“And pluus! There are many more Foxtrots in the world!~ We’re just… Hmmm, the leaders or council or somethin’ like dat.”

Oh! I see!
These are the Foxtrots, huh?

I’m leaving.

005 End