ARC 01: [Foxtrotting Along]
004 Welcome to Great Britain!

Behind the tall, metal burgandy door, labelled room 19, the psychology room, lay an unbearable silence. Ciel and Ron just stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity. Though Ciel knew, that it wasn’t actually silent. The thoughts going on through HER head, could be heard within Ron’s measly skull. Contreversely enough she didn’t know what lay within HIS.
Finally deciding to break the ice she started the conversation, “So, what do you want? There must be something rather important to drag me into the psychology classroom without warning.”
“Good, good. It’s good to know you don’t waste time~ For time, is of utmost priority in this mission!” Ron threw his fist into the air, looking determined.
“If it’s so important, then get straight to the point! I hate when people go on with useless chatter!”
“Yes, yes~ so impatient Ciel!” Ron smiled, this time showing all his teeth. As his last name, ‘Foxtrot’, suggests, his shiny white teeth had this extra fox like quality.
As in, they were pointy.
“Let’s begin.”

Suddenly, without warning, Ron grabbed Ciel’s arm forcefully, making her almost trip over her own pointed, black high heels. But, she didn’t trip, or fall or anything of the sort. Rather, they weren’t even there.
What lay behind room 19, was an unbearable silence.
That, and nothing else for that matter.

What came next was could only be described as a major headache. Ciel’s head throbbed with immense pain. It felt like the world had collapsed three times over, making her skull ring. Nauseating, she covered her mouth hoping to block out her cream cheese bagel she had this morning. Though in the end, nothing came out. Instead, dizziness overcame her body and Ciel started to wobble. Her head felt like it would explode and her eyes shook, making her vision blurry. Ron reached out and grabbed her, making sure she wouldn’t topple over.

After a minute or so, she regained her composure and her usual integrity,
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT YOU MUTT?!” Ciel’s pain could only be relieved with anger.
“M-mutt…? Ahahaa…C-Calm down now!~ Just take deep breaths and the dizzines will go away~”
“SHUT UP! WHY WAS I SUDDENLY-” Ciel suddenly became pale. Not because her head started to throb again, but because behind Ron, where her eyes wandered to after that dizzy spell, was a magnificient staircase. A chestnut brown and intricately decorated staircase. The person who made it could only be described as dexterous. But that wasn’t all of it.
The wall was painted a dark red, almost maroon colour, and lined beneath it was an amazing golden colour. It wouldn’t be suprising in the least if it was REAL gold, which it probably was. The floor was red as well, a carpet that seemed to be some sort of fur. Whether moose, rabbit or bear skin, she didn’t know. It was Dyed with a bright red that made her uncomfortable stepping on it.
Quite obviously, they were no longer in the psychology room, or the school for that matter. She didn’t even know if they were still in France.

Stepping back due to shock, Ciel swung her head to the left. A shockingly beautiful painting, five times the size of her body hung on the wall. What seemed to be a stunningly marvelous princess gently looked back at her. Wearing a white gown embedded with jewels and beads of various colours. Blonde hair wafted gently in the imaginary wind, while she sat down in a flower garden full of life. Blues and yellows, purples and pinks. Carnations and roses, poppies and daisys. All together they lay beneath her gown. Amazingly enough, nothing was crushed beneath her body. Obviously, it was just the painter’s misconception that such a mistake was so visible…..Yet, it seemed almost magical. So fake, it seemed real.
Ennchanted, Ciel continued to stare into her deep, sea blue eyes. Almost as if in a trance.
This was definitely a princess that could be described in many ways, all of which would of course, be positive. But, the trait that Ciel thought would best fit her, would be gentle.
Gentle blue eyes staring gently back into hers, magnificient gold hair, which would be better described as silk, gently fluttered in the wind, an elegant dress, gently spread out over a garden that came together brilliantly. Even the way she sat seemed like a well nurtured mistress.

Everything Ciel was not.

“Pretty, huh?” Ron leaned to her side and smiled, this time not bearing his fangs.
Snapping out of her trance, she turned and faced him, “SHUT UP! You haven’t explained what just happened!”
“Ahh…Well, to be frank and not use overly big or complicated words…”

Not like you even KNOW any big or complicated words.

“Ouch.” He replied.
Ron placed his pointer finger on his chin, thinking for a few seconds,
“We teleported!”
“Huh?” She gave him the ‘Are you okay in the brain’ stare.
“Now we’re inside the- …oh yea! can’t tell you that…” His voice died off like a decrescendo in music,
“Er- Well, I guess I can tell you the country…” He mumbled,

“Welcome to Great Britain!”

004 End