ARC 01: [Foxtrotting Along]
003 Witch of the East Coast

Today is another unexciting day, an everyday normal, completely ordinary 24 hours that will slowly tick by.
Which for once, is a good thing.

After experiencing that spine chilling meeting with “Mr. Foxtrot”, you’d have expected some life changing event. Especially since it was TWO WEEKS ago. However, he seems… normal. Well, as normal as you can get from that guy. The average, immature kid act.

But, what scares me the most is that…
He knows.
My past experiences.
The haunting words of my father.
My real identity.
But, he hasn’t acted yet… I wonder how long this peace will last.
What is he going to do with that information? Where did he get it from? Why does he know?
So many questions are running through my head.
Expecting your own demise isn’t the most pleasant thought.

How Annoying.
Making me remember the past.
The memories that I tried so hard to forget. The memories I HAD to forget, In order to continue leading a normal life…

France’s Great Prestige: Lion’s Heart Private Academy

«Dooong~ Dooongg!~»
As the school bell rung, students ruthlessly pushed their way through the crowd of people in the hallway.

“Arggh! Lunch is waaay too short!” An average looking guy complained.
“Well, it IS only lunch.” Ciel laughed. Her hair only mid length back then.

Yes, back then. Pessimistic views didn’t even cross her mind.

An average, normal high school second year girl, wearing an average school uniform. Well, average for the school anyways… A pure white blazer lined with gold made the exquisite school emblem stand out even more. A proud lion and griffin on either side grandly presenting a jewel embelished crown. A matching white and gold ribbon made with the finest quality silk hung over their checkered black and grey collar shirt. A pleated gold skirt with silver stitches, just right above knee height could easily be recognized as the highest quality satin in all of everywhere.
Yes, just average.

The most prestigious school found within France, indicates that Ciel must also be of a wealthy upbringing. To say, the Angelique family line. Simply being the only daughter in the Angelique heritage was enough to place her in France’s finest academy. With the utmost best education and up to date facilities, it’s no wonder Lion’s Heart Academy has been deemed with one of the best reputations, even within Europe.

“Well, let’s hurry up!” The boy with brown hair and simple looks grabbed Ciel’s hand and pulled her along, shielding her from the crowd.
Ciel in turn blushed a bright, rosy pink.

Innocent, innocent Ciel.
Three hours just before her whole worldview is crushed. 180 minutes right before her profound innocence will be shattered until not even a single fragment remains.

“Whew! Made it just in time!” He flashed a smile in Ciel’s direction.
Ciel shyly fidgeted trying to hide her rosy cheeks. Just an innocent girl, sheltered and protected. Never having been exposed to the cold cruelties of the world.

The teacher started attendance and the two quickly rushed to their desks. A large classroom about two, no THREE, times the size of a public school classroom.
As class began, and the teacher started explaining the long history of the ancient Greek. Ciel quickly scanned the board using her eyes.
Of course, she already knew everything that was being taught. Even though, technically, she was two years younger than the rest of the class.
Back then she was already a prodigy. Excelling in every subject. Science, math, English, history, gym, even in the fine arts. Everything she did excelled in every degree.

Thus, after coming to that conclusion, she decided to use her time more wisely. That is, staring passionately at Chris. The average looking guy that sat three seats in front of her. Obviously, crushing hard on him.
Even the thoughts going on through her head were that of a girl in love. Her Prince Charming, a Knight in Shining Armour, her Romeo.
Soon drifting off into her daydreams of romance and whatnot, she was completely oblivious to the fact that her best friend, Adrienne, was poking the back of her blazer, using the tip of a pen.

“Helloooo? ” Adrienne moved the pen back and forth, and since quite obviously the pen was black and the blazer was white, it drew faint lines on it.
Deciding to ignore that fact, she continued to whisper “Burning a hole through Chris with your love beam again?”
Ciel immediately reacted to that statement. “W-what are you talking about?!” Ciel shouted. “T-theres just no way I-”
The teacher, Mr. Anton cleared his throat.
“Excuse me Miss Angelique, I see you do not seem to be paying attention as you cannot comprehend ‘what I am talking about’.”
“E-eh?! Ah! S-sorry about that sir…”
The whole class started laughing and Ciel could feel her cheeks burn.
Adrienne poked her again.
“What is ittttt” Ciel said in a whiny, dead voice placing her head down on the desk.
“Haha…Sorry about that, but seriously, you didn’t have to be so loud.” She looked a bit guilty.
“But I was NOT staring intently at Chris!” She continued to deny it.
“Sure, sure lover girl.”
Ciel decided to ignore everything else she said and went back to her mushy fantasies.
This continued for another few minutes or so, before Adrienne got bored and discontinued her teasing.

The bell struck at exactly 3:30 everyday, so Ciel was waiting for the loud ringing to bring her back to reality, just like every other day.
However, the bell did not go off at exactly 3:30, but instead, an announcement came on.

“Heeeelllloooo Lion’s Heart Academy!” A cool, yet high pitched voice came from the intercom. Indicating that it was a woman. So cool in fact, goosebumps started forming on Ciel’s arms.
“What’s going on? Isn’t the bell supposed to ring now?” Adrienne looked around, folding her arms.
everyone in the room looked confused.
“Weird…We usually get announcements in the morning… And is it just me, or is that NOT the principal?” Chris inquired.
The guy sitting beside him, Henri, I think, answered “Oh, I bet the bell isn’t working again, so they have to make an announcement to let us off.”
Just then, as if the lady speaking on the intercom, which was at least 15 rooms away from them, heard him speak.
“Rigght!” She snickered, “Why, but of course this is just a broadcast to signal the end!”
“See? I told you. No need to look so bewildered Chris!” Henri chuckled.
“Oh my, It seems everyone is misunderstanding… I didn’t mean the end of the day!”
“Seriously! How did she hear me? Is there a mic here or something?” Henri checked the desks for any hidden device.
“Well, since she can hear us… Uh, what do you mean it’s not the end of the day?” Adrienne asked nervously.
and suddenly…
Very suddenly, the fluorescent lights all shattered, raining glass down onto the students.
Everyone screamed.
“The end…..
of your lives that is!” She snickered.

“What on earth is going on?!” the teacher yelled. “This is mad! Is this supposed to be some prank?! Come out immediately!”
“Ok! I came!”
Without warning, a katana suddenly thrust through the whiteboard, piercing Mr. Anton right in the neck. An instant kill for sure.

The whole class was shocked, couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, couldn’t even breath. Frozen with terror.
The woman appeared from out of the wall, as if walking through concrete was just an everyday occurrence, dragging the body along, looking like it weighed nothing.
The woman only looked to be in her twenties, but her head was thoroughly occupied with pure, snow white hair. That wasn’t the weirdest part though. Her eyes, a brilliant garnet red, seemed as though they were ablaze. The sun outside, which had just been there a moment earlier, had abruptly been covered by clouds of grey and black. Revealing a dark, dim sky, not a single star in sight. With only a moon, a red moon, illuminating the black sky.
Swiftly, she flicked her katana and the dead corpse flung across the room, splattering blood in every which way.

It was most definitely NOT a prank.

The entirety of the class shrieked in horror and ran like their life depended on it. Which it most certainly did.
She calmly lifted her right foot in front of the other and slowly placed it down.
And just like that, she was already in front of a student. Raising the deadly weapon, she mercilessly slashed his back, spraying up even more blood, along with some other fleshy parts.
Ciel panicked and started madly dashing for the door while the white haired monster continued on her massacre, murdering at least another six or seven.

Ciel slammed open the door and bolted out, but she only made about a metre out before being smacked on the back by something extremely heavy. Almost like a body.
After falling face first, she squinted her eyes open. To her horror, she was right.
A body.
A DEAD body.
ADRIENNE’S dead body.
The school uniform was no longer white. Instead, it was dyed a dark red. Almost surreal, her bloodshot eyes were still open wide. Indeed she was dead.

Ciel couldn’t even make a sound. her body frozen stiff, not because of the weight. But because her mind stopped processing. Stopped working or functioning. She didn’t move a muscle. She didn’t even hear the other screams echoing around her. It was as if her mind just tuned out.

Ciel’s head violently shook, making her eyes unfocused and her heart rate increase tenfold. As she looked up, she saw the demon casually walk toward her.
Step by step.
Gradually getting closer. Her mind suddenly raced and it seemed as if time slowed down. And it hit her.

If I don’t do anything,
I’ll die.

Ciel used all of her strength and hoisted herself up as quickly as possible, knocking Adrienne off of her.
She got up, but it was too late.

The white haired demon was already standing in front of her.
Ciel fell down on her behind and tried to back away. She crashed into Adrienne’s body and felt blood all over her hand.

I don’t wanna die.

She saw Chris just a bit behind her. She grabbed his sleeve and with tears streaming from her eyes, she cried “Save me!”
Just like in the hallway, crowded with students, he would protect her like a knight, shielding her from whatever may come. He would pull her up and race through the corridor, tightly grabbing her hand, assuring her it would be alright.
That’s what she hoped would happen.

Instead, he heartlessly hollered “Let go you stupid bitch! I don’t wanna die yet!” And with that he cruelly shook off her hand like getting rid of a bug. He ran away, into the hall, into where the moonlight didn’t shine, into the darkness. Leaving Ciel behind. To rot. To die. To be killed by a beast.

Her hand still in the air, not knowing where to reach to, her eyes started to water.
“Poor little kiddie. Abandoned just like a puppy to starve on the streets. What a horrible person.” She said mockingly, looking down on her from above. Ciel spun around promptly, her breathing irregular.
“Don’t worry. I’ll kill him too, so don’t feel too bad about it. You’ll see him soon.” She giggled.
She elevated the sword leisurely, taking her time. After all, she was in no rush. her ivory white hair seemed to stand out and reflect even more in the moonlight, especially comparing it to the dark hues of red and black that had splattered everywhere, or the dead bodies that piled all over the granite floor.

Ciel just stared.
But where do you look before being killed?
At the sword above her head about to swing down at any second, splitting her skull in two? At the tens of bodies lifelessly laying all around her, gushing out scarlet bodily fluid? Or would you stare at the crimson moon igniting the night sky when it was only 3:36? All of these were abnormal sights for sure. So, wouldn’t the most plausible choice be to shut your eyes as tightly as possible and wait for the finishing blow?
But, she wasn’t looking at any of those, nor was she closing her eyes.
Ciel was intently fixing her gaze upon the demon’s bright red eyes.

“Stop.” Ciel commanded in a tone that didn’t seem to fit her timid portrayal just a minute back.
“Stop…?” The demon cocked her head to the side, “Oh! Don’t tell me! You’re going to beg for your life, right? Haha, that’s great! I was getting bored with all that screaming.”
“No.” She glared at her, right in the eye. Her magnificent blue eyes still as piercing back then as it is now.
“I mean you can’t kill me.”
“Oh? And why’s that? Care to explain?” She was unfazed by the sudden bravery, and was actually amusing Ciel before her death. A psychotic grin was plastered all over, distorting her face.
Towering above Ciel, she looked down on her as if she were more insignificant than a mosquito. Still holding the katana in place, like a guillotine about to swing down, sealing her fate, she said, “Entertain me.”
“You can’t kill me, because I’m special.” Ciel stated simply and plainly.

There was silence for a moment.

“HAHA! Really?! Special?! AHAAHAHA!” She cackled, twisting her face even more.
“I’m bored.”
The sword plummeted swiftly, only using one hand to do the dirty deed.
Ciel just continued to gaze into her eyes, not even flinching.
It stopped.
Just almost touching her head.
So close in fact, that it chopped a few strands of her brunette hair.
Another pause.

She started to walk away. Ciel used her eyes to follow her figure, calmly making her way out, step by step.
“I changed my mind.”
She continued advancing towards the end of the hallway, where the moonlight didn’t reach. Where just before, Chris cowardly ran away, not even glancing back.
And with that, she dissolved into the darkness.

Ciel looked around the debris filled hall, just three hours before, it had been filled with hustle and bustle. All that lay here now, were bodies of the deceased, and blotches of blood, now dried up and turned black. Thus, it would most likely make it a huge pain to clean up.
She sat there for a second and solemnly inspected the corpses, not moving an inch. Then turned her focus to Adrienne’s body.

The person so filled with life, who made fun of and teased me everyday. Ate lunch and went shopping together. If I ever didn’t do my homework, she wouldn’t hand in hers either. And she would always sneak a bite from my dessert if I looked away for even a second.
My best friend.
Now just an empty shell.

I’ll die too someday…
So does it really matter if I die from being murdered by a psycho or from old age? All the difference is how long.
How long.
How long will I have to live I wonder…
All the students in this school were massacred…and yet, I’ve never felt so calm in my life…
It feels as if I have been enlightened.
We live and we die.
After all, that’s the cycle of life.

“Miss Ciel!”
“Huh?!” Ciel finally snapped out of it and came back to reality. She was working on some unmarked assignments that were handed in from the day before. She had to finish checking it by tomorrow. “Yes?” She smiled.
“Aren’t you going to go home yet? It’s already 5, ya know.” The blonde haired student from her class came in the doorway and expertly made his way to his desk, grabbing a textbook.
“Ah, yes. I’ll go as soon as I finish my marking.”

Ummmm, let’s see… Oh right! That disgusting pervert Noah…something.
Well, it’s not like I need to remember last names anyways.

“Wow, such a hard worker!” Noah heartedly laughed.

Cut the crap.

“Haha, not really, I’m just doing my job. So, why are you still here at this hour Noah?”
“Oh, it’s ‘caz of basketball practice. The season just started, but the coach is already worried ’bout the tournament! So, just popping by to get my books.”
“I see, sounds tough. Make sure not to overexert yourself alright?”
“Don’t worry about it! It’s not that hard, haha. Well then, see ya tomorrow Miss Ciel.”
“Bye Noah.” She waved him farewell.

Shoot. Basketball practice? That means I’ll have to leave before 5 so I don’t see that stupid jock.

“Wow~ Working hard, huh Miss Memoriale?~”
She quickly looked up

Shit, this guy again?!

“Soo how ya been doin’ Miss Me-”
“Would you cut the crap.”
“Ah! Looks like you’re showing your true personality.”
“What do you want?”
“Meh, nothin’ much. ‘cept…”
“It’s EXCEPT. How on earth can you be British but have such a horrible accent?”
“Whoa, snappy much? Calm down~ Remember the saying Keep Calm and Carry On~”
“No smart ass comment?~”
“I’m leaving.”
“Ah! Wait, wait! Ok I got it! No more screwin’ around!”

Seriously, just let me go home and have some peace!

“Alright, alright~ But after we talk.”
“Don’t worry, you can go home and have your peace AFTER we talk mm kay?”
“We just have to have a little private chat so tha-”
“WOULD YOU FUCKING SHUT UP?! I got THAT already the first time! I MEAN how the hell did you know what I was thinking?!”
“Ooohhh~ Oops, did you think that? Just forget what I said then okie dokie?~” Ron made the ‘all good’ sign with his fingers.
“What do you mean forget?! How could I just- sigh, you know what, fine. Whatever, I don’t care anymore.”
“Pinky promise?~” He stuck out his pinky.
“Wanna die?~” She stuck ot her middle finger.
“So mean~”

I’m going home.

“Wait! Ok! Down to business!”
“Mr. Foxtrot?”
“How can you read my mind?”
Ciel smiled sweetly.
“W-what are y-you talkin’ about?”
Ciel continued to smile.
“R-really! I dunno what you’re talkin’ about!”

-sigh- What an idiot.

“Nuh uh! I’m just truthful!”
“…………………” Ciel stared at him looking JUST a bit irritated. She started massaging her forehead while sticking her other hand in her white, science labcoat that she wore everyday.
“That’s annoying.”
“E-eh~ But I can’t help it~”

This is just getting-

“Preposterous?” Ron cut her off and smiled innocently.


003 END