ARC 01: [Foxtrotting Along]
002 Romanian Afterall

“Is everything going alright so far?” Mrs. Teride elegantly sipped her earl grey tea and set the teacup back onto her plate.
“Hmmm?” Ciel took a bite from her black and white checkered biscuit. “What do you mean?”
“I mean, how is teaching going? Since you just started AND you’re only 20! That’s amazing really, most teachers get their degree at 23 or even longer sometimes.” Mrs. Teride reached for a mini croissant.
“Oh no, it’s really nothing. It was because I was home schooled by my father until high school. And apparently I was very far ahead in the curriculum, making me able to skip grades.” Ciel answered.
“My my, You’re much too modest. That’s what people consider amazing.”
“Haha, I see. Is that so?”

Shut up already bitch, just tell me why the hell you called me down.

“Well, now let us get straight to the point and not dilly dally.”
“Of course, please go ahead.”
You should’ve just done that in the first place.
“Tomorrow, we will be hiring another new graduate. At age 21, he is also quite the prodigy.” Ms. Teride gracefully used her long fingers to push her silky, sunshine colored hair onto the back of her ear. “Since you two are around the same age and are new teachers, I thought it would be nice if you could show him around and train him. You know, show him the knacks around the place… Ciel, you have gotten used to this place, yes?”
“Of course! Afterall, it’s already been a week since starting my career. But, I don’t think I’m ready for such responsibility yet…”
What the fuck?! I just started a week ago! Why are you dumping this on me you lazy slut?
“No no, I’m fairly certain that you are capable of such a task. There you go with your modesty again.”
“No really, handling something like this is-.”

“Hey! Nice ta meetcha! Ronaldo Foxtrot reporting for duty! ” The shagggy haired, red head grinned widely and saluted as if he were a commander general greeting a higher up officer. “Just call me Ron!”
“I’m Ciel Angelique, please to meet your acquaintance. I’ll be your guide.” Ciel replied with a warm smile.
Did I mention that some people call me a sarcastic person?

“So, Ron, what do you want to see first?”
“Let’s go check out my new classroom! I can’t wait ’till I start teaching! It’s always been my dream job!” He replied chuckling like some pre-schooler finally accomplishing his greatest masterpiece in building a block city.
“Alright then! Which room are you teaching in?”
Well, I can tell he’s a VERY mature person.
“The psychology room! err that’s-”
“Room 19.” Ciel cut Ron off.
What an idiot, how can you not even know your own room number?
“Follow me.” Ciel smiled angelically.
Ron glanced at her for a few seconds “Alright! Let’s go~”

[Room 19]
A normal burgundy metal door stood firmly in front of Ciel.
Ciel silently sighed to herself.
“…………..” Ron gazed at her. “How interesting, right Ciel?”
“Oh, uh sure.”
The door…? Weirdo.
“Well, let’s go in now.” She gave another one of her signature smiles.

“Woooow~ This is awesome! My own classroom!” Ron’s eyes sparkled. “What d’ya think Ciel?” His hands spread out as if he were imitating a helicopter in elementary school.
“It’s very exciting isn’t it? I can relate. I felt exactly like you when I first came into my class aswell.”
Can I go now?
“Well, it’s about time I head home now. It’s getting pretty dark already.” She pointed at the window, and sure enough, the sun was mid-height. “It’s practically winter now, huh? Wouldn’t want anyone kidnapping lil ol’ me.” Ciel giggled.
“Awww come on~ It’s not THAT dark out yet. Why don’t you let me do a little psychological test on you first~”
“Uhh, actually I-”
“Pweeeaasse~ I wanna practice a bit before I start teaching tomorrow~ I don’t wanna embarrass myself in front of da students~” Ron opened his eyes as wide as possible and looked up innocently. In other words, the puppy dog face.
Dam. He’s better at being cute than I am. Can’t exactly get outta this, can I? Otherwise I’ll seem like a cruel hearted whore. Argh, he’s definitely a pro.
“Fine. You win this time”
“Yay~” His eyes shone.
“Ok!~ Let’ start then!” He clapped his hands together.

Suddenly I’m getting a bad vibe about this…

“This is how it’s gonna work~ I’ll ask a question, you answer and then I’ll explain the motive for your reasoning at the end! Get it, got it, good?” He threw his hands on his hips.
“Yep, I’m good.”
“First question! drum roll please!~” He snatched two pencils from the nearest desk and started rapidly tapping them onto a chair, imitating a drum roll.
“Do you believe in god, or any other omnipotent beings?”
Huh… That’s weird. I answered truthfully.
“Question 2! Do you believe in the supernatural? Such as ESP and aliens?”
Guess I might as well go along with it.
“How about magical creatures or anything fantasy like? You know, like dragons and unicorns!”
“…This is starting to get repetitive. What is the point of this?” Ciel was starting to get pissed off.
Is he just screwing around with me?
“Just answer. It’s almost done~”

………….. Annoying.
“Annnnd last question! Why do you not believe in any of it?”
“……….Why?” She paused for a few moment. “Obviously because, it’s not scientifically proven or anything like that.”
“Buuut~ ya know… Just caz’ it’s not proven that they’re real, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”
“Well, when I see it, I’ll believe it.”
“Heeh~ Oh really?.” He grinned, raising an eyebrow.
She scrunched her nose.
What the Hell..?
“But you did see, didn’t you Ciel?”


Suddenly his eyes shone with a sort of danger to it. It narrowed and shrunk, as if a stray wolf, no, a fox, was mocking his prey. Glowing with an excitement different than before. Entirely different. He wasn’t the innocent Ron from before that flailed his arms about like some kid playing airplane. He know had a sort of blood lust emitting from his aura. It wouldn’t be unnatural to say his grin was that of a serial killer.
A chill went through Ciel’s spine. She froze. Stiff as a board.
Ron spoke under his breath.
“Dontcha know that the people who deny the existence of the ‘impossible’…”
He leaned towards her and whispered in her ear.
“Are really the ones who wish for their existence the most…”
Ciel’s eyes widened with shock, surprise, disbelief …
Suddenly he stood back up normally
“Ahahaha!~ Alright, it really is getting dark now. Wow~ Whatta purdy sunset, dontcha think so, Ciel Angelique?” Ron headed for the door while laughing, as if nothing had just happened.
“Or …should I say Ciel Memoriale?” He slammed the door shut.
Ciel just stood there. Frozen. As if nitrogen gas had froze her into a living statue.
Her mouth agape. Eyes still astray.

Finally regaining composure, Ciel looked out the window, as if entranced by the beauty of the sunset. “Hmmph, haven’t been called that in a while…” She placed her hand on the clear glass. The words replaying in her head,
People who deny the existence of the ‘impossible, are the ones who wish for it the most….
tch, even now… I hear his words.
After a few moments of silence, she muttered

002 End

*Note: The title, Romanian Afterall, refers to the previous chapter where one of Ciel’s students asked if her last name was French. Obviously blowing it off, she thought
“What else is it supposed to be? Romanian?”
However, ironically enough, Ciel’s last name, Memoriale, means Memorial in Romanian.