ARC 00: [Prologue]
001 Worldly Affairs

Today’s the day I start fresh!
The day where my world changes and my life unfolds. An adventure so stunningly potrayed, it would even entice the geatest critic. Yes, the heavens are smiling upon me today!
Like Hell.

Though I admire optimistic people like that, I’m very sorry to say that god did not bestow such traits upon me. Not that I even believe in “god” or “heaven” in the first place. No offense to those strong believers of religion, but I really couldn’t care less about such mystical beings.
Although I may seem like quite the pessimist, I’m just simply stating the obvious. A realist, I believe is the word describing my personality. How preposterous.

Anyways back to where my introduction SHOULD be going.
Unfortunately, I’m not the most exciting heirone ever. Really, I’m quite ordinary. I’m not expecting it to change anytime soon either. I’m a comepletly normal high school science teacher. I recently got hired after graduating and today is my first day of teaching.
Some people call me a sarcastic person.

Well, that should suffice an introduction right? Not like I’m a partically interesting person.
No sense in boring the readers so early on.

Ah… That’s the bell…
Really, I always hated this sound when I was in school… Why on earth did I choose teaching as a job?

As kids rapidly rushed in and settled into their seats, the students eyed the new teacher questioningly. In return she cocked her head to one side.
Oh, that’s right… I was put in charge of the West Wing….
Due to some misfortune, or just extremely bad luck. The new teacher somehow managed to get assigned to the West Wing. Nothing different ’bout it except that it was completly filled with boys.

-sigh- What a messed up Academy… Seperating boys on the West Wing and girls on the East Wing.
Really… This isn’t some elementary game of dodge ball that you need to split the student body into genders…
And sure enough, the class was jam-packed with guys.

A kid with shaggy brown hair asked without even the slightest thought of raising his hand, “Are you our sub?”
Come go think of it…
It’s already the second week into school. It must be weird to suddenly change core teachers.
“No, I’m your new science teacher.
Mr.Procano suddenly had an unexpected move.” She answered.
“Really??? Huh, that’s weird, why’d he move?”
“Awww, why? You don’t like me?” She suddenly acted cutesy, What a personality change….
Some guys whistled.

How disgusting……

“No way! He was a total douche, if you don’t mind my french.” The male student laughed with some other of his friends.
“Haha, is that so? Anyways, class is starting. Quickly get seated.” She smiled warmly.
As she turned around to start attendance, her long, fluffly, brunette hair flung, whipping through the air as if she was imitating a Pantene commercial.

“Wait!~” A guy with blonde hair raised his hand up playfully.
“Hmmm?” The beauty looked up, piercing everyone with her shockingly clear, blue eyes. “Yes? What is it?”
“You didn’t tell us your name yet teach!”
“Oops, how rude of me!” She laughed cheerfully.
“I’m Ciel Angelique.”
“Ummm… So will Ms. A work?”
“Oh, that’s right! I’m a teacher now, I keep forgetting that I can’t just introduce my full name!
Just call me Ms. Ciel please~”
“Is that French?” Another guy chimed in.
“Yes, that’s correct!” She pointed a finger at him “Ding Ding~ We have a winner!”

Are you an idiot?
What else is it supposed to be?

001 End