ARC 00: [Prologue]
000 Reality

As time goes on, we all age and die… Afterall that’s what life is, right? Yep that’s obvious. Afterall, it’s the circle of life.
But, what if, something were to ignore this cycle? What if there exists something that completely defies human understanding? What if there was something that would change the world as we know it?

Most indefinitely, we, as humans would panic. Then try to “learn” about it, you know, with good ol’ experimentation and all that other nice stuff. Though in the end, trying to conquer it is the most likely possibility. And well, if “it” doesn’t comply, we’ll most obviously use all of our power to obliterate, exterminate and annihilate it, or in other words, pretty much try to kill it off. Since I’m sure you know, humans are pretty damn greedy. Seriously, don’t give me that “We’ll make friends with it” crap.
You all know that anything that we’re afraid of or don’t understand, will be ultimately rejected and shunned.

that is if something like that actually exists…

000 End