I was really excited when hearing that the popular Vocaloid song, Black Rock Shooter, the collaboration with huke and Supercell was to made into an anime. Thinking that it would be filled with action scenes and revolve around BRS. However contrary to my expectations I was completely surprised by how wrong I was.
Although the opening was introduced with an amazingly artistic fighting sequence starring yours truly, BRS along with Black Gold Saw, the plot quickly turned around to my “what the fuckery” and mainly focused on Mato Kuroi making a new friend, Yomi Takanashi, at her new jr. high school. Seems very slice of life, yah? Well, it did to me.

Not that that was a bad thing. Not at all, I was really pleased with the unexpected friendship thing and the bonding with Yomi. It was really cute, yet heart-warming at the same time. However it was sorta boring at some points and I just couldn’t bear to watch all of it. Perhaps if they had more screen time than 50 mins, then they could have done even more. But, I lived through it. The music was marvelous and the art pleasing to the eyes, so no complaints there.

Mato and Yomi become good friends over the course of their freshmen year, only to find that in the next year, they get separated from each others class. This leads to Mato instead getting closer to her basketball manager, Yuu. The fighting parts were to depict the jealousy of Yomi (Dead Master), when Mato (BRS) gets all nice and friendly wif Yuu (Strength). Then, Yomi somehow wondrously disappears from rl. Don’t ask. I don’t know either.

I actually liked the plot in the real world much more compared to the combat in the alternate world. And, although the plot IS supposed to be about BRS, I found myself sometimes annoyed when she appeared while Mato and Yomi were on screen. On another note, I just didn’t think BRS and the other alternate characters fit in with the story. It was far from fluent and the whole thing really didn’t make a connection in the first place. However, the last battle when BRS at last rescued Dead Master, was in my opinion, very well laid out.

Another memorable scene right after was when Mato tried desperately to find Yomi. To her disappointment, she doesn’t find her, INSTEAD, BRS comes flying out all magic like and queue the piano ver of Black Rock Shooter. Spectacular music. Obviously, Mato is BRS and thus, she saves Yomi just like in the previous scene.
Queue the credits. ANOTHER good piece Braveheart. This was by The Gomband, a Nico Nico Douga band. Ever heard of them? No? Search it. They played BRS before. Then, ever heard about Gomu? Yes? Well, that’s his band.

The art in this OVA was highly inspired by the character designs and creations by huke, and am I glad they kept it that way. The alternate world’s aesthetics were very stylish and I really loved the character designs. The actual fighting wasn’t that bad either, so props to the animation crew.

In conclusion, the pros:
1. Amazing Music
2. Astounding Art
3. Plot sucked you in (Real World)

The cons:
1. Got boring at times
2. BRS just didn’t fit in with the story
3. The conclusion – unsatisfying

Overall, I rate this a 7/10 and am hoping for another episode since at the very end of the credits, there is the evil looking glare from Yuu.
Oooohhh~ A cliffhanger. :)