Dragon Ruler Academy † By: Alice

Chapter 5

“Ughhh-” Runea lifted her head to see she was in a very familiar room. Where her starting point was located . Filled with potions (At least they LOOK like potions), bandages, elixirs, needles and every other sort of item that is commonplace in a infirmary, Well, In Grail anyways, was stacked and piled messily upon one another.

“Ah..? AH! I’m in the infirmary!” Runea shouted as if finally solving that really complicated math question using many different theories and formulas.
“For Dragoon’s sake! Would you stop screaming every single moment of the day!” A also very familiar teacher wearing a dark cape and withch’s hat shouted. “I already have enough of your bellowing each morning! Can’t you for once keep quiet and just learn to behave like a refined student! Seriously, I have no idea why in Heaven’s name you were accepted into this profound academy…bla bla bla” Mrs.Candell rambled on and on.
“ahh…” Runea twitched ” M-Mrs.Candell… How very unexpected to see you… ahaha-ha-……”
Mrs.Candell was obviously not enjoying this unexpected visit either.
“er…W-why am I here?”
“Obviously because you collapsed in class today right after your introduction! And apparently you were crying too!”
“EH?! Really?! I fainted?!”
“Yes! Now stop making me repeat myself! Or are you perhaps deaf?! That would explain your tendency to holler at a moments notice!”
“u-uh…No..I’m not deaf…”
“Hmmph, I was evidently joking. Why can’t youngsters these days have a good sense of humour? Especially those who are in the Specials Class such as you! Kids these days are so rude! Absolutely no respect for the elders whatsoever! And to think we have to guide these ingrates to being a proper citizen! We have much more experience than what you have gone through so far, listening to us elderly would do you guys a world of good! I bet-” Mrs.Candell was going all out again…
“…..Anyways, why did I pass out?” There was a sudden halt at Mrs.Candell’s yammering as she asked this.
“。。。。。。。。。。。。” The silent treatment..
“u-uh… Mrs.Candell? What’s the matter? W-why are you so quiet?” Runea asked, disturbed by her sudden humble-ness.
“………………..” She looked away from Runea’s eyes “…The principal of this academy wishes to speak to you.” And with that the teacher gave a 180 degree turn, her back facing away from Runea “………… Just what in Lucypher’s name have we gotten ourselves into this time…” She muttered under her breathe. And with that she exited the infirmary.
“???” a question mark bubble appeared on Runea’s head “What was that all about?

Runea got off the bed with a eagerness to quickly leave the hard, chunck of block that the Academy calls a bed.
“Well…I guess I’ll go see the principal I still haven’t thanked her for taking me into this school.”
As she approached the principal’s hallway, it was visibly MUCH bigger and WAY more fancy than the room she was assigned. “……………Uh?” She reached her destination but just stood in front of the doorway like that wooden block of a bed. And very suddenly she got struck by the jitter bug.
“W-wait, in the first place, w-why did I get sent to the principal’s office? Did I do something wrong? And if I did… What if they kick me out? N-no way! I don’t have anywhere else to go?” Brain explosion
“hah…” She let out a sigh “Well, just standing here won’t get me any answers, so I’ll just go in…” Runea slightly, without effort raised her hand and pushed open the gateway that let out a shimmer of light.
To Runea’s amazement, it wasn’t ‘light’ that gave out that magnificient glow.

Millions of tiny butterflies that looked like light itself flew out of the doorway and fluttered in every corner of her eye, blocking out her vision, but when the butterflies dispersed, an even bigger amazement was held before her…

The entire room was plastered with soft, fluffy feathers and pure white doves whirling around in a swarm of masses. But it didn’t stop there. Not only were there butterflies that shimmered like the sun and snow white doves that trickled fragile-looking feathers, that looked as if it the softest touch would shatter it into an infinite amount of pieces.
Nope, Dear Reader, that wasn’t all. There were creatures of many appearances, sizes and distinct characteristics that made it stand out from the rest.
Rabbit-like creature hopped around, but you’d probaly not even be able to tell the difference of it with a real rabbit if it wasn’t checkered black and white. It looked as if someone had simply dexterously painted them like a checkerboard.

Or like the swallows that looked like swallows, only they dissapeared every few seconds and re-appeared at the next moment. Drifting about as if it was the most natural thing to do to float atop bubbles instead of using the silken wings genrously given to them by mother nature.
Oh, yes! And we can’t forget the most appalling creature of them all. Fishes. Dear Readers, I’m sure most of you raise a few at home, so fishes probaly aren’t shocking at all to you. But I’m sure these would leave any normal person flabbergasted. Well, at least a normal person NOT from Grail.
The ‘fishes’ were of every colour you would ever see in your life and simply soared through the air as if they were swimming. blowing out miniscule bubbles along the way and propelling up and up. or some, down and down. They had exotic fins that waved elegantly and could be compared to any ball-room gown as it drifted every time they ‘swam’ through the air.

And in the midst of all these brilliant creatures…was a cherry blossom tree. You know those ones they have in Japan everytime Spring comes by? Well, now imagine it 100x larger. Yes, that’s right ONE HUNDRED TIMES larger. The very top of the terrace was open and let the blue sky peak through. The cherry blossom tree towered above the academy…yet, none of the creatures could get out. That’s probaly because of an incantation that created the glittering sparkles where the ceiling should be, it seemed to act as glass. The Cherry blossom tree gave off a wonderful scent that could rival any perfume or baked goods. Cinnamon or Vanilla, the aroma outpowered it all. The fragrance danced lovingly at Runea’s nose and seemed to play a symphony of flowers. Such a fresh scent wafted across with the pinkish, glowing petals danced in the air.

Suddenly, a feeling of warmness took over Runea’s body. A melody worthy of any ears. A tune so soothing, and sweet, left a after-taste of sugar in her mouth. Yet, as sweet as it sounds, It sounded more like dark chocolate than white.

“What is this?” Runea thought, dazed, as if in a trance “This song sounds like a lullaby…” She glanced at where the harmony was coming from and saw something completely unexpected. Even more so than this paradise…
It was Drache….Singing. No, that’s not right. It was more as if he was crying. From the depths of his soul came out a tune so lovely, yet almost bitter-sweet, pierced Runea’s heart.
She just stood there. Gazing at him sitting ontop a branch of the Sakura tree, with the light rosy pink petals hovering in the breeze. The sunlight peeking through the branches illuminated his gentle face.
“….Drache’s face looks so calm…It’s hard to believe it’s actually that Drache that’s always scowling….” She looked fixedly at him. The song still drifting like a soft, fluffy cloud.

“Don’t you think it’s beautiful?” Someone came from behind Runea
“a-ah-” She got her mouth covered
“Now, now. If you suddenly scream, Drache will without a doubt stop singing.”
“o-oh. Sorry about that.” Runea closed her eyes and smiled. “That would be a waste, wouldn’t it? I’m sure he could never express his emotions like this after a person screeched right in front of him.”
The woman who looked like she was in her mid-20s chuckled “Yes, that’s right…”
The graceful song finally came to an end, yet, still it lingered in Runea’s ears like a breeze.

“Hmm?” Drache opened his eyes and saw Runea “a….ah-” He gaped at her for a few seconds. “H-how l-long were you..?”
“Your singing is really amazing!” She ran over to him and started spouting out nonesense. “I bet you could win a singing competition with that sort of singing! No, I bet you could capture the whole world with that angelic voice!” Her eyes gave of a 100 watt glow. “I guess he’s not such a bad guy! Afterall he looked so peaceful while singing!” She thought
“Wha-” He stuttered “Wait a second!” His angry face came on again, but it looked as if it were dyed beet red.
“Why are you even here!” He shouted angrily
“Aww~ Your embarrased~” Runea cooed “How cute.”
“I-I’m not embarrased!” Drache was turning redder by the second
“Anyways, I’m here because the principal called me down here. What about you?”
“Heh~? I was too.” She tilted her head. He looked bitterly at the middle-aged woman behind Runea “Hey old hag! Why did you call us both down here?!”
“My, my. Calm down. I called you here to discuss something of grave importance.” Her face went solemn in that instant.
” Talk to us…? e-eh!? THAT MEANS YOU’RE THE PRINCIPAL?!” Runea took a step aback.
“Yes, that’s right. I am the principal, Miss Grande.” She gave a captivating smile. “And the matter I wish to talk about…..is that I am requesting you two to be partners.”


“WHAT!?” Both Runea and Drache yelled in unison.
“The Hades do you mean?! getting ‘partnered’ with this idiot?!” Drache glared at Miss Grande.
“yea! For once I actually agree with him! Except for that idiot part. What do you mean by partners!?” Runea frantically looked back and forth.
“Calm down you two. Weeelll, I say ‘partners’ but I really mean Master and Familiar.” She grinned
“Oh~ I see!” Runea put both her fists by her face looking determined, and smiled like a elementary schooler getting a 100% on an exam final.
“What do you mean ‘Oh~ I see!” you dumbass!?” Drache mimicked Runea in a sarcastic manner. “Just WHAT do you ‘see’ exactly?!” Drache was very obviously NOT amused.
“u-uh well..” Runea took another step back. “I take that back from before. He IS a bad guy.”
“Now, now. Take a deep breathe and count backwards from 10 to 1” She waved her hands in a way like a parent trying to calm two kids fighting over the last piece of cake.
“Like hell I’m going to do that! Are you treating us like some pre-schooler or something!?”
And as expected Runea starts counting backwards
Drache stares at her
“h-huh? w-what did I do?” Runea jolted back
“……….Are you an idiot?” He sighed “Ah, that’s right. She is. whatever. Seriously I have no time for jokes, you old bag!”
“Do you really think I would request for your audience just to joke around? I am dead serious.”
“But why?! This guy is so rude and mean and we don’t get along at all!”
“Ah~ But he doesn’t get along with anyone!”
“OH! So you’re trying to get me to be his friend caz’ he doesn’t have any!”
“Just shut up already! We aren’t in Elementary school!”
“Well, let’s go back on topic and think back to your introduction when you found out your element.”
“You were the one that changed it in the first place…” Drache looked like he was about to collapse from taking care of two idiots.
“hmm? Yea, I remember that….It was all colorful!”
“………Get to the point! I don’t have all day to spend goofing around!”
“That’s the point”
“Huh?” They both asked in harmony.
“It was colorful… The mirror that tells the element you weild….is all of them.” Miss Grande smiled again
“What do you mean by that?” Runea looked at her, puzzled.
“Usually a person only has a single element…Making the mirror correspond with color…Yet you have all the colors of the rainbow. Thus, proving you have to wield all the elements.”
“What sorta messed up logic is this!? I’m outta here!” Drache hastily stomped to the gate, but with a flick of Miss Grande’s wand and the door completely vanished.
“Drache…My boy, Didn’t I say I am dead serious? And when I am dead serious, you should listen, no?”
“Grrr” Drache clenched his teeth. “But why do I have to be be her friggin’ familiar?!”
“Because noone else except you can do it Drache…” Her voice barely went to a whisper “only you….”
Runea looked at Miss Grande with great intensity. “Why is it only something that Drache can do?”
“…….Because drache is the last of his kind. The very last Draconic.”
“??? Draconic? What’s that?” Runea stared at her blankly
“I’m not suprised you don’t know about it. You only recently transferred to this Academy and the Draconics have been slowly going extinct….The Draconics are creatures that are both Dragon and Man. Half Dragon. Half Human. And Drache is the very last….”

“This is not a joke, nor merely a whim. This is an order if you two wish to stay on campus. You two are hereby Master and Familiar. ”
Mumbling an incantation under her breathe, suddenly a seal with ancient Gracilian letters embedded on the sides and a cross down the middle, grew brighter and brighter. All the magical creatures swiftly dashed away as quickly as they could, and boy, that was the right thing to do.
“Oh Shit!” Drache yelled “NO FRIGGIN’ WAY!”
“h-hu?! What’s going on?!” Runea screamed at the top of her lungs.
As soon as Miss Grande’s eyes opened, a white light pierced out of it.

Drache’s eyes changed into like that of a reptile and turned red. His legs and arms suddenly grew longer, claws pierced out at the tips and scales spread all over his skin like some disease. His body changed completely ash black just like his dark coal uniform. Horns sprouted from his head, Dear Reader, I don’t think the term “He” or “Him” now fits, It is now more like “It”.
Yes, that’s right, Drache is transforming into a dragon.
Drache continued to grow and grow, the Sakura tree in his path snapped into two under his enormous legs as if he were breaking a twig. but as it drew closer and closer to the ceiling, the barrier started to restrict his growth. But, his transformation was indefinately more powerful. The spell shattered and white sparkles rained from above leaving nothing but debris hailing down. The magical creatures raced around everywhere frantically looking for shelter in this messed up war zone.
“W-What is this?!” Runea finally managed to let her voice out in a horrorfic manner.
*Sigh* “I was quite fond of this office too….Oh well, since there was no other way to cast the contract otherwise.”

The transformation was complete and what came out as a finished product was no magical girl protecting love and justice. What lay before Runea’s eyes were a complete monstrousity of a being that thrashed around like a child throwing a tantrum over a broken toy.
“Runea.” Miss. Grande spoke calmly
“Y-yes?!” Runea’s eyes quickly darted to her mouth hoping for some way to save them from the bleak future which looked like death itself.
“Please save him.” Still as calm as ever she looked at her with a gentle smile.
“h…-HUH?!” Runea screamed. “HOW ON EARTH OR GRAIL OR WHATEVER, AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!?” She shut her eyes tightly, wishing that this was a nightmare more than ever.
“I know you can do it Runea.” Miss Grande’s eyes were fixated on what used to be Drache, but instead now a beast leaving destruction on whatever lay before it. “He cannot think calmly nor control his mind and power. He is now heading towards the school building.” She turned her head looking more serious than ever before. “If you do not stop him, then all the students within will die.”
“B-But w-what can I do?! I’m just a normal person! I can’t do anything like cast spells or summon a creature! I can’t fly or make objects dissapear with a snap of my fingers! I can’t do anything!” Tears started to well up onto her eyes as she yelled aloud, gripping her fists tightly.
Miss Grande firmly put her hands on Runea’s shoulders. ” You can do it. I believe with all my heart that you can do it. Afterall, It is what fate determined for you, and you only. And fate gives everyone the makings of a Hero.”
“W-what? Isn’t this exactly what Mr. Dera said before?” She blinked her eyes wide open.

I feel it. Warmth, no, power is welling up inside of me. I feel like I’m burning up, yet, so very cold. I feel like…
I feel like I can do it.
I can’t do anything.
I never learned any magic or swordmanship.
So why?
Why do I feel as if I can do it?

“Because this is your adventure.” The warm voice from before whispered in her mind.
No answer. But the mist like feeling vanished once again, leaving no trace of its existence behind.

“That’s right. Even if I can’t do anything, I have to try. My descision was to stay, so I have to follow through. Otherwise…” She turned to look at where Drache was stomping towards. “Otherwise everyone” Asthea , Robert, Mr. Dera flashed through her mind. “Otherwise My Friends, will die.”

Without another thought,Runea ran with all her might towards the beast, huffing and puffing. Losing breath. Vision blurring. Felt the adrenaline rushing.
But it was too late……

The whole class surronded the beast, casting spells and attacking it from above with creatures of smaller sizes.
Drache already had it’s arm outstretched and Asthea in his grip. Robert was yelling like something inside of him was exploding. The Knight now seemed to lose all his composure and only fury was making its way out. Letting out a war cry, he tightly gripped his sword that glistened in the sun, and bolted off to save the Princess that he had sworn to protect. Even if it meant giving up his own.

Runea’s mind was racing, this was my dream! But no! I’m not dreaming! I’m here! I’m not the little girl bystanding!
The Dragon was about to blow out flames
“NO!” Runea screamed at the top of her lungs,
When suddenly,
Bright light pierced through the air from where her right hand had unconsciously lifted up to.
The Ground below her trembled. The Sky shook. The Wind swelled up and encircled around her. The morning dew that still rested on the grass shot upwards and rapidly froze, creating spears of ice. The sunlight intensified and burned the grass below, spitting up fire and roaring below her feet raging upwards into rings that flew every which way.

“What in the name of-?” Mr. Dera uttered in his breath.
The entire student body stared at Runea in dismay.

Time itself seemed to stop.
Oh Wait. It just did.

-End of Chapter 5-